An opportunity came up that we had only ever dreamed of- to leave our beautiful life behind and see the wonderful world we live in; to give something back to people who need it; to support people we know are doing great work….

In May 2016, Matthew managed to get through a gruelling process to qualify for a new graduate job for a popular high street company and was able to set his own start date, be that in a few weeks or in a few months. We were very much enticed by this, and came up with an exciting hypothetical adventure, in no way thinking we would really do it!

Matthew was very conscious we had just bought our dream home and become really comfortable- I was really settled in a lovely school and we are/were really involved in our church and local community. However, many amazing things happened which made us realise that this wasn’t just a pipe-dream, this was something we really needed to do, and we needed to do it straight away.

I went into my much-loved school convinced that we needed to go, but really thinking there would be no way it would be a possibility. Incredibly, the school agreed that I could take a leave of absence, and our dream started to become a reality. We were overwhelmed by people’s kindness and support and we quickly got the ball rolling, feeling like the most blessed people in the world.

My life for 8 months- one rucksack and a few basic items…..