San Jose,Costa Rica

Costa Rica- San Jose

Arriving in Costa Rica was a bit of a whirlwind- we got on the plane ready to go only to sit on the runway for a while before getting off and into another plane as the original one was broken. This delayed us significantly but we made it. The views from the plane were amazing and hugely contrasting. We came out over the turquoise waters of Florida and the Caribbean, but we were greeted in Costa Rica by something quite different. Costa Rica is famed for its glorious natural terrain and our first glimpse of this country proved its reputation. Glorious green mountains were actually as high as the wings of the plane at times. I trusted that the pilot knew the height of the mountains and these were not the bits of the plane’s GPS that had been a problem!

We landed and were whisked away by a lovely friendly transfer driver called Alex. We communicated in Spanglish all the way to the hotel and arranged our return journey in 8 days time. Exhaustion has been a real issue whilst on the go so much and we were desperate for some rest after a few full days in Florida. However, the world had other plans and our meeting with the new tour group was actually at 6 that day, not the next day as we had hoped.

The demographic of this tour is very different to the others we have done. We are the youngest by far but this is welcome news to us as we don’t quite have the energy we did at the start for the ‘go go go’ feel of travelling with young people. There is a bunch of Canadians, a few Brits and the most fantastic 78 year old Kiwi guy who is really living life to the full and is such a good sport. This is going to be a very different kind of adventure.

As we learned on arrival that a lady had been robbed right outside our hotel in broad daylight I’m really glad we are travelling with a group for a few days! Bags are locked securely, valuables split up and hidden- we are back on high surveillance and ready to roll!