Monteverde and La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Costa Rica- Monteverde and La Fortuna

These two cities are the land of optional activities so we tried our hand at a couple of things we had on the agenda for a while- ATV and horse riding.

ATV through the forest in Monteverde was a lot more exhilarating than we expected- as first timers I really thought we would be just rocking around little dust tracks, but we were actually right up in the forest, going almost vertically at times (up and down hill) and I spent most of my time holding on for dear life and squeaking whilst Matthew revved the engine. It was an absolute blast and I even had a go in the drivers seat for a little bit. I’m not sure I want to rush back to do this again but it was great fun, and I would recommend giving it a go!

Horse riding up to the Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna sounded too good to miss, and although Matthew hasn’t been on a horse since he was little, we both wanted to give this a try. The stables we went to were fantastic and Oscar, the coolest Costa Rican dude ever, was a really good guide. I had a very sensitive horse who was in the process of gallop training which meant that we had a few little difficulties, such as a spontaneous gallop and many spontaneous stops, but she was a beauty nonetheless and transported me safely through some really slippery bits. We got up really close to the volcano, heard howler monkeys in the distance and even went under a waterfall- what an awesome experience!