Fiji- Tivua Island Stay 

When Alison said we were staying in a private island I don’t think I actually believed her, but it was real and it was extraordinary! 
We started out on a tall ship for about an hour from Port Denarau to reach the island and realised straight away that we were somewhere awesome. The water was clear as glass and we could see hundreds of fish in the water. 

The sand was idyllic and the palm trees were waving us a greeting. We were taken to the two little beach huts that would be our homes for the night and decided to all hang out at the one Matthew and I were sleeping in as it was more directly at the water’s edge. We had a glorious few hours enjoying the sun, exploring the island and paddling in the warm sea. 

We grabbed a snorkel just before the other visitors to the island left as it was looking a little threatening in terms of the weather, so Alison and I jumped in to catch a glimpse of the fish before it got too choppy. I was particularly fortunate to see a sting ray hovering around the bottom and tonnes of fish. 

When everyone boarded the boat and set sail there was an overwhelming sense of quiet. No one was left except for us and three members of staff who take care of the island. It was amazing and hugely peaceful.

Kitty is one of the caretakers on the island and came out snorkelling with us after the tall ship had gone. We went out quite far and saw loads of cool fish. There were some giant clams too that had been popped into cages to prevent them from grabbing hold of unassuming snorkellers! 
After a while we headed back to our beach huts and Alison and I took a long slow walk around the island to watch the sun set. It was glorious and the island was buzzing with little creatures, particularly crabs! We took a billion photos before showering off for dinner. The island’s chef was a lovely old Fijian man called Lai who cooked up a treat for us on the sand. 

We headed into giant beanbags to watch the incredible stars above the ocean. The milky way was hugely visible and the sky was just alive with shooting stars. What an awe-inspiring day in paradise. 

Waking up an realising your on a desert island is a rather surreal experience to say the least. I woke at dawn and realised that the sun was rising. I jumped into the nearest clothes and set off for a walk. The silence was beautiful- just me and the waves and a sparkling purple and orange sky. It was such a precious time. 

After breakfast Kitty took us out on a glass bottomed boat to a ‘secret’ snorkelling spot. It was awesome. There were so many colourful fish and vibrant corals.

 Kitty did make my heart pound as he dived down about 12 feet, under a mound of coral and back out the other side. When he asked Matthew if he wanted to try I almost cried. Fortunately Matthew had already tired himself out diving down with me so didn’t trust he had the breath to make it. I was so relieved! 

After our adventure with Kitty Alison and I kayaked the full circumference of the island with a bit of difficulty because of my stroke arm! 

The weakness on the left is so significant that we kept going around in circles but it was still totally glorious. We saw the boat arrive with the day passengers which Alison was very sad about, and spent the afternoon enjoying our last hours in our own paradise. 

The boat left and returned us home, but we took a little bit of Tivua with us in our hearts.