Punakeiki, New Zealand

The next morning we set off in a long drive to Punakeiki in the pouring rain. It hammered it down nearly all of the way and I had a couple of dodgy turns which held us up. I’ve been suffering from quite bad sugar crashes for a week or so, maybe I’m heading into a virus but it was a bit of a pain on the road. Matthew managed to find something for me to eat just in time, then we set on the road again. It was still hammering down when we arrived making the view from our ocean view room pretty dramatic!

The next morning the weather still hadn’t improved so we donned our rain gear and headed for the famous pancake rocks. I don’t understand them, but I know it’s one of few places in the world where you see rocks like this.

They look a BIT like a pancake stack, but largely they’re just cool. There’s a lot more of them than I expected and they were quite interesting. Matthew was more interested in the pancake stack waiting for him at the end of walk which, as you would expect, he devoured in about two minutes.