Australia: Campervanning Down the East Coast

Campervanning down the east coast- the highlights
Well, everyone gets excited about Fraser Island, The Whitsundays, Mission Beach and Fraser Island don’t they- we had to have a look for ourselves and see if they lived up to expectations.
I guess we could start with Mission Beach- it’s a lovely spot and a glorious beach but aside from skydiving there’s not a lot in the area. I would definitely recommend it for a stop over thanks to the great beach but unless you’re sky diving or big into the party scene it’s probably only worth a stop over. In summary, lovely but not a lot there- 6/10.

So next is Magnetic Island- again a really lovely little island, largely unspoiled. There’s lots of nice walking trails and a few gorgeous beaches and vibes.

We had loads of fun tootling around in a little old banger of a car that we rented for the the day for £25! The windows were smashed and it chugged a bit but we loved being gangstas for the day in our ride. You can get these cool barbie jeeps but they’re pretty pricey for what they are. Anyway, Magnetic Island is really nice but I’m not sure why everyone goes mad about it- the beaches are just as lovely on the mainland to be honest. It’s a good day out and something to do, but it wasn’t unmissable. In summary- visit if you have spare time and you’ll have a great day- 7/10

The Whitsundays with Thundercat. Wow. I can’t even begin to describe this place. It is so beautiful you can’t even take it in.

The water is so blue it almost hurts your eyes to look at it and the sand on Whitehaven Beach is so fine it actually squeaks when you walk! NASA bought some of the sand to make telescopes with because it’s so soft and precious. Whitehaven Beach is also the most instagrammed beach in the world and it’s not hard to see why.

The water is so warm it’s like sitting in a bath! I’ve never seen anything so amazing. After Whitehaven we went snorkelling and in honestly I wasn’t very pumped for it- having snorkelled so much in the Philippines (some of the best in the world) I didn’t have very high expectations….until I saw George. George is about 1 metre tall and 1 metre wide and loves being stroked by snorkellers. I about died when I saw this gargantuan shadow emerge from the deep blue, but he was so gentle.


Mind you, he was scoffing fish right in front of my face which made me realise his size again after a cuddle! We even saw turtles mating (weird but awesome) and some of the most amazing rock formations. The Whitsundays is a MUST do and the Thundercat trip really fits in the best bits in a fun and fairly good value way. We got lunch included, reef taxes included and snorkel equipment so I was pretty impressed. The Whitsundays scores a whopping 10/10. Must do!


So that just leaves Fraser Island. We decided to leave the van for a couple of nights and stay over on Fraser and do the Cool Dingos tour. We were not disappointed. We had so much fun tootling around in the gigantic 4 by 4 come school bus with a crazy bloke called Dave who had so much hair you could hardly see his eyes.

We took a dip in Lake McKenzie’s pure waters, went paddle boarding, hiked up Indian Head Rock and watched the sharks and rays swimming below us, we ran up and down sand dunes and took a joy flight to see the incredible scenery.

Fraser Island has so much to offer you couldn’t have a bad time- the forest grows out of sand- how weird is that! The Fraser Air flight had to be my highlight- it was so beautiful I could hardly see for awe-inspired tears. Fraser Island also gets a 10/10 as does the Cool Dingo Tour- cheers for a belter!



I guess we should mention the Two Fat Blokes Vineyard tour too- a cracking afternoon seeing some of the lovely scenery of the Hunter Valley region and sampling some gorgeous wines and cheeses. A great value tour which really provides a snapshot of the region and if you want to buy wines you can pick them up for really reasonable prices and get them shipped across Australia for free!

Byron Bay was one of my favourite spots too- it’s full of super cool people including one lady who was wearing so many shells she actually jangled when she walked. In the evening there are awesome buskers such as Romimusic who we really rated and are certain he is going to hit the big time any time soon! Matt had some surf lessons with Mojosurf- they were okay but there are better local companies from what we saw, such as KoolKats- the guy who runs this is known as the Steve Irwin of surf and I wish we had waited to book with him instead of mojo as he seemed much less corporate and much more interested in getting people up on their boards as quickly as possible!

All in all, dropping our gorgeous little camper off today is really sad for us. We’ve had the time of our lives cruising around in our little home from home but we are SO excited to see friends in Sydney so I guess that makes up for it!!!