Australia: Atherton Tablelands 

Australia- Atherton Tablelands  

The area north of Cairns isn’t explored that often as most people set off south straight away to make progress towards Sydney. However we really fancied having a look at the rainforest and lush greenery of the north so we ventured up to Cape Tribulation, stopping at the beautiful Mossman Gorge on the way.

Mossman offers the second purest water in the world- you could see straight down at the little fish and cool off after a hike around the area. The water was freezing though! It’s a gorgeous place to stop and perfectly scenic.

We also stopped by at Port Douglas which is a cool little town and we even bumped into a shark. We were watching some guys fishing and as they got a big tug on their line we ran over to see what they had caught. They were not expecting a baby shark! The colours on its skin were amazing- the sun shining down on it made it look almost like an rainbow! As the guys tried to unhook the shark he took a little nip at a thumb, leaving his tooth inside and a mountain of blood! After what seemed like ages they managed to free little sharks and off he swam!

The wildlife in the north is amazing- we were surrounded by parakeets of all different colours which had flown over for the night from the rainforest. We saw bats the size of tables swooping around and kept a long distance from the croc infested waters. I was pretty nervous one night of camping where we were metres away from a beach and croc territory! I was way too scared to go to the loo in the night so made Matt get up and look for crocs before I took loo cover by the van! We also saw a wild cassowary and two babies which was very special!

The Daintree rainforest is so expansive and lush- we went on some lovely walks and saw some beautiful flora and fauna- not that we knew what we were looking at! It’s the only place in the world where two natural wonders meet- the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest- awesome!

I have to mention a couple of cool places we stumbled across. The Mungali Dairy is absolutely lovely and offers an amazing cheese platter lunch for two- everything they serve is locally made and totally mouth watering. We took a jar of their marinated feta with us it was so good!

We also really like the Daintree Ice cream company which Lonely Planet has described as the most scenic ice cream in the world. Their little shop is surrounded by their orchards and rolling hills and you get no choice in your ice cream flavour which takes the stress out! You get a cup full of their flavours that day for about $6 and it’s great fun to get something so unusual.
The Mango Winery is a bit of a disappointment – there isn’t a lot to see but there is a lovely lady with tasters in the shop and the produce is gorgeous. The mango port is really special. The mango trees completely engulf the factory and it is a stunning sight.

The Coffee Works is also a really good little stop off- you get to sample loads of coffees and chocolates and see a huge collection of different coffee related machinery. The machinery is a bit boring but you get a lot for the ticket price and the gift shop and cafe are so nice we went back for lunch the next day!

Mount Uncle Distillery was enjoyed tremendously by Matthew who got their sampling board for a bargain price of $15. He loved it! Our only disappointment is that the restaurant which boasts 50 types of tea was shut for renovation! They have some cute alpacas and donkeys too and it’s in a really lovely location, really close to Coffee Works!

Anyway, the area is really relaxed and pretty special- it’s great for a little holiday from a holiday with loads to see and try.