The Philippines: Palawan

The Phillippines: Palawan

So, the Adventure really started two days ago when we somehow managed to miss our flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, which in turn meant we missed our Kuala Lumpur flight to Manila where we’re supposed to stay the night before our Palawan flight. Fortunately, after a very long day, we managed to get a flight in the middle of the night so that we could catch up with our connecting flight to Palawan. Exhausted didn’t even cut it, but we made it. It’s really easy to look at our travels and just see the exciting glamour, but there are lots of challenges too that can be really scary and draining sometimes. This was one of them!

Arriving at Blue Palawan resort was such a relief- the staff were so welcoming and lovely and greeted us like old friends, making the last 24 hours feel like they hadn’t happened.


We made our way to our own little hut and excitedly searched for the GoPro to make some video of our little mini home. Turns out the GoPro was in the safe in Penang! Another little challenge….. it had however been on its way out for a little while, so maybe it was a good thing that we left it rather than being let down by it somewhere wonderful. The hotel in Penang agreed to organise postage of it for us though, so we will get it back!

We woke early having booked to visit the world famous Underground River, only to find that the rough sea conditions meant it was cancelled that day. We were really disappointed as it was the main reason we had come to Palawan, but we managed to get out to Honda Bay instead and hope that the Underground River would be open tomorrow.


We got picked up and headed out to Honda Bay after breakfast and enjoyed some of the lovely snorkelling and scenery the area had to offer. As the sea was choppy the snorkelling wasn’t the best but we still had a really fun day!