The Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands started out significantly drizzly and we were rather concerned as much of what we wanted to do involved trekking and hiking! Seeing as it’s the rainy season in the highlands we knew we were really risking it with the weather so staying up for much of our first night to the sound of a huge thunder storm wasn’t unexpected! We had picked up some horrible tummy bug from Kuala Lumpur Nando’s, so it was sort of a blessing in disguise as we had to stay in and close to our bathroom and wait for the ‘storm to pass’ literally and metaphorically!

Fortunately the next morning it had dried up and we were able to hit the incredible scenery of the region.


The Cameron Highlands is a huge exporter of tea and strawberries so we spent the morning admiring the tea plantations high up in the mountains and enjoying fresh strawberry milkshakes.



We had a fab guide for the morning who was really entertaining and the double of our friend Chirag- the only difference was that the tour guide had a really strong Indian accent as part of the Indian-Malaysian community whereas our mate Chichi is a London geezer!

The photos don’t really do the scenery justice- as far as the eye can see there is just row upon row of green tea plantations- it stretches for kilometres. It’s stunning- I was so glad we had the weather to be able to get out and see it.


Our next stop was the mossy forest where we enjoyed a hike through the spongey terrain to see some of the beautiful trees and forest life. The rain in the air made for a very humid walk, but the leaves looked gloriously dewey which made up for it! I was up to my ankles in mud by the time we returned to the bus- my favourite type of mucky is certainly adventure mucky!











After having been a little under the weather and not sleeping much due to the storm we were really looking forward to an early night. Turns out that Diwali had other ideas so we sat watching fireworks and firecrackers right in front of our bedroom window!




The public holiday for Diwali had meant that the traffic would inevitably be bad so we changed our bus to Penang for an early one- mistake! We got up for the early bus but ended up merging with the later bus half way! 8 hours later we arrived in Georgetown unscathed but certainly bus weary!