The Mekong River


Today we boarded a speed boat to take us through the Mekong river. We had to stop to check out of Cambodia and then get to the floating border control to re enter Vietnam.
Chris drew a picture of me reading on the boat before we arrived in Chaudoc. We had a pleasant evening with the rest of the group but Mike (who is training to be an tour leader) wasn’t feeling very well. He thinks he has sun stroke from the boat but he really didn’t look very well at all.
After the others had gone back we then went for a walk to see the town. It’s a very sleepy town so by the time we had dinner most things were closing already. We walked along the river hoping to find ice cream- eventually we heard something that sounded like an ice cream van but we couldn’t imagine that it really would be, but it was! There was a little man with a tiny little freezer with ice creams loaded inside. It wasn’t the best ice cream I’ve ever had, but it was okay and we enjoyed them by the river before heading towards the hotel.
On the way back we found a lovely little cafe called Mario’s that had a gorgeous water fountain in the middle. We had some really lovely drinks- I had a chocolate milk with cream as we haven’t seen much in the way of chocolate at all aside from the chocolate buffet. It was really lovely and the staff helped Amber to sort out her SIM card and then decided that they liked us so much that they wanted photos with us before we left!
There were gigantic cockroaches bouncing around the streets on the way back- it was like an obstacle course!