The Imperial City: Hue


In the morning we headed to the phone shop and discovered that my phone was well and truly broken and would cost $130 to fix as the smash had penetrated into the sensors, so the front needed completely replacing. Matt’s phone however was 100% caput, but fortunately his contract is almost over so he can organise a replacement to be brought over by his Mum and Dad in January when we see them in Fiji.
We all boarded cyclos which are basically carriages powered by a man cycling at the back, and headed to the Citadel, the Imperial City of Hue, which had originally been the home of the emperor and was the site of many famous battles in Vietnamese history. The ride there was great fun, and the Imperial City was beautiful and incredibly vast.
The Imperial City in Hue was architecturally based on the Forbidden City that we had visited in China, and the similarities were very noticeable. Unfortunately due to the battles many of the original buildings had been destroyed but we could still see lots which was excellent!
We collected my phone which was back in full functioning order, and went for a coffee before boarding the night train. As you may remember from my China blogs, I love sleeper trains and this one was even better as you get a private compartment! We shared with Inge and Emily, ate pizza and watched dodgeball. We are sure going
to miss them when we part ways tomorrow!