Kuala Lumpur


Today we flew to Kuala Lumpur after our final morning in Hanoi which largely consisted of filling our bags with supplies of Bahn Mi 25 for the journey. The flight was significantly rocky and there was a very sick lady violently throwing up for the full 3.5 hour so it wasn’t the most relaxing flight ever. However, the chicken lasagne was a real treat for an in flight meal!
When we arrived we took an Uber ride to our hotel and spent the evening chilling out and organising ourselves for the days ahead.
We woke up and headed straight out to a local Indian restaurant that supposedly is very popular with locals. I had a caramel naan for breakfast with curry dipping sauce and it was honestly the best naan of my existence. Kuala Lumpur has a massive Indian population so I am very excited for the food!
We grabbed some fruit juice before heading into the famous central market which was situated a stone’s throw from our hotel. The market was pleasant and extremely quiet which meant we could have a good look at the local produce.
We walked from the market to Kuala Lumpur Bird Park which has the world’s largest free flight aviary. As animal lovers this was inevitably right up our street! As we approached the dark clouds were descending and we knew a big storm was on its way. Despite this we managed to catch the milk stork feeding before the rains came in. I also got attacked by a defensive stork that didn’t like my existence at all, and I have juicy stork beak bruises now to prove the battle. Who knew they could be so vicious (the birds at the top of this post were the ones)!


I was worried about the massive pelican, but it turns out it’s the smaller ones that you need to be cautious of! We watched the pelican catch fish from the keepers hands- I couldn’t believe how massive it’s beak was and how many fish he could store inside!
The storm came in violently but fortunately whilst we were inside looking at baby chicks hatching.
It went on for at least forty minutes and the thunder was some of the loudest I’ve ever heard! We had a bit of a scare as the chick incubation centre was directly opposite the emus, and I saw a massive branch of tree fall down with the weight of the ran. It fell directly onto an emu and the emu wasn’t moving. There were no staff around to tell so I just watched horrified as the other emus gathered around the site where the emu had seemingly been killed. About twenty minutes later I saw a little movement in the branches! The emu was alive but must have just been stunned by the fall. I found a vet on site so I could tell them what had happened, but the emu looked okay so I was very relieved!
We saw lots of other fabulous birds, and as the storm had been so violent the park was largely deserted, so we had a perfect view of all of the animals. This included some cheeky mice trying to steal the bird food, which as you may have guessed, was not great for my mouse related fears! Either way we had a great time, and then headed back to warm up and dry off from all of the rain.
We spent the evening roaming around Jalam Alor which is a famous street for street food but my food confidence from Vietnam seems to have diminished and I really struggled to try anything! It was a very vibrant area though and it was great to see so many people enjoying the city!