Hoi An Day 2


We got up early for a cycle to the beach. Now, my track record with bicycles isn’t the best, but I do really like it, so I was enthusiastic nonetheless. I had a cute little bike and I tried it out to make sure it was safe, and it seemed perfect. It wasn’t until I learned that we were riding along the roads that I got a little nervous. We set off and due to my hesitation almost instantly lost the group, leading to us taking a wrong turn and being lost within about two minutes. Fortunately our tour leader realised and came to find us, by which time I had grown a little in confidence and managed to keep up. I figured that just keeping my eyes forwards was the best approach to cycling on busy roads- cars and motorbikes seem to just go around you. I guess it’s sort of like skiing- just focus on the downhill! After 8km we made it to a beautiful beach, and took up sun loungers for less than £1 for the day.
We were all really hot from the cycle so we raced into the sea. The waves were massive so the Aussie’s had to educate me somewhat in how not to constantly end up under the wave and drinking salt water. Matthew came into the water a little after me and did a Baywatch style splash through the waves much to everyone’s amusement. He swam quite far out too, before returning to tell us his phone was in his pocket. Doh!
After enjoying the beach we cycled back and rushed to our final tailoring fittings. A few adjustments needed to be made so we went off to our cooking class at the Green Mango.
Our chef was called Pineapple, and was absolutely fabulous. It didn’t matter that she was six months pregnant, she was incredibly enthusiastic and her English was incredible, meaning that we could laugh and joke with her.
The cooking class involved learning to prepare a five course, traditional Vietnamese meal. We learned so much and had such a fun time. Emily managed to burn herself so spent quite a bit of time with her finger in the hand washing bucket, what a surprise!
We made salad for the first course, followed by chicken cups, spring rolls, bun cha and creme brûlée.
After we had finished preparing everything we took a seat in the restaurant and enjoyed the food we had prepared. It was absolutely awesome. The food was incredible and some people went as far as to say it was the best meal they had ever had. It was up there, for sure, and I would love to recreate the dishes at home!
It was also a bargain- we were there for nearly three hours, had 2 and a half hours of tuition and a 5 course meal for about £18 each. Considering how much the meal would have cost if we had ordered it in a restaurant I was really impressed by the value for money.
I struggle massively with footwear since my stroke when I was 17 as I am incredibly flat footed. I discovered that Hoi An is not only famous for tailoring clothes, but tailoring shoes too! I had a lovely pair of leather sandals made to fit my feet perfectly for just £15. I was overjoyed. Finding comfortable sandals is almost impossible for me so this was a real blessing! I was a bit disappointed when we went to collect them as they had used a different leather to that which I had selected, but after some negotiation they agreed to get a new pair made within an hour- excellent service!
We were exhausted after such a busy day, so went for sorbet with Kerina and Emily and just had a sleepy chat before heading to bed.