Ho Chi Minh


We spent the day sightseeing today, starting with a late breakfast and a short taxi ride to War Remnants Museum. We arrived at 11.32 and it turns out the ticket office closes from 11.30 until 1.30 every day. Better luck next time…..
So we walked for a while and found Vietnam’s version of Nortre Dame. It was pretty but also shut- we really should have done more research! Inge had been suffering for a few days with a poorly tummy but had come out with us as she had wanted to see the museum but she was really struggling so she headed back to the hotel. We had a nose around some bookshops and a department store in the hope of finding some new shorts for
me as I have shrunk out of the ones I have brought with me. It turns out that even though I’ve shrunk, I haven’t shrunk to Vietnamese sizes and shopping didn’t go very well.
We met the others who were lunching in a cafe nearby and then walked along to the museum. We got in this time (yay) and made it inside just before a massive downpour. It was really sticky whilst it was raining but the rooms of the museum were air conditioned so it was much more comfortable!
I was at first, just impressed by the cool tanks and helicopters parked in the courtyard, it wasn’t until I went properly inside that I realised how horrific the things that happened to the Vietnamese people in the war were. The torture experienced by Vietnamese civilians can honestly be allied to the horrific things done by the Khmer Rouge that we read about at S21. The poor Vietnamese people have been through so much. It was really shocking and tragic. Most of the museum consisted of photographs- because of the recent nature of the war there is lots of photographic evidence, some of which I think will haunt me for some time.
We headed off shopping with my new Aussie friend, Emily, who I feel like I would be lost without. It’s awesome when you meet people whilst travelling that you just click with, and Emily is certainly one of them. She’s got the same sense of humour as me which excuses some of her filthy Aussie language which SUPPOSEDLY is what everyone says in Australia- I’m not convinced! She’s great fun though and both her and her friend, Inge, will be so sadly missed when we part ways. I’m very glad that Emily lives in Sydney as it means we will see her again in December, and we’re hoping that she may come to England next year with Inge (who is from The Netherlands) and her boyfriend Tom who is British.
After we had done some shopping we headed back to the hotel and went for a light dinner with the group.