Behn Tahn Markets


We got up early to get to Behn Tahn Market, only a short taxi ride away from the hotel. It was gargantuan and like an absolute maze. There was everything you could imagine from fake goods to toilet rolls- I was rather overwhelmed so I just picked up a cap to protect my head from the sun and just followed the others around! Chris managed to get some bargain t shirts though which I was impressed by as the shop keepers drive their prices hard!
We escaped the market eventually and sought refuge in a coffee shop where I was really glad to have a quick FaceTime date with some of my best friends back home. It feels like a lifetime since I saw them and the little ones seem to be double the size each time we see them!
The rain was pretty torrential all day so we spent most of our day in coffee shops and restaurants just chatting and sipping away. We decided to go back to the hotel eventually, but we had to check out in the morning as we were taking the night bus, so we didn’t have anywhere to hang out.
Amber, resident shoppoholic, wanted to go to the market so I said I’d go with her and Kerina came along for the ride. Amber managed to get some presents for people at home and I also managed to get some bargain shorts and vests after much negotiation. The Vietnamese are wonderful but really do have a range of acting talents when it comes to selling things- I had fake tears, fake angers, fake smiles, my money snatched from me, I was told I was beautiful, I was told I was mean, all before we finally agreed a price. The others were rather impressed with my bargaining skills. I’m more than happy to pay a bit more than locals as our ‘expensive’ and theirs is very different, but when the price is obviously triple the going rate I have to get my bartering skills going.
We managed to get a table at 5 oysters which is one of the best reviewed restaurants in Ho Chi Minh and is really reasonably priced, and then we walked home to catch the night bus.