A Reunion in the Sky Tower: KL


We had done some research into the cool food scene of KL and found some awesome reviews of a funky brunch location called Lokl, about a mile from our hotel. We headed there this morning and we were certainly not disappointed. We had incredible scrambled egg burgers, coconut toast and the most awesome dessert possibly ever- red velvet brownie topped with cream cheese. The coffee was also incredible and was some delicious Malaysian butter blend. It was so rich and unlike anything I’ve had before. The decor at Lokl is super hipster and it has a very ‘current’ Brooklyn sort of feel. I really enjoyed it and it was great to get some familiar but interesting food to start our day.
As well as boasting the world’s largest aviary that we visited yesterday, KL also boasts the world’s largest Aquarium, known as Aquaria KLCC. We made sure arrived in time for the feeding of the giant octopus and were totally amazed as we watched divers hand feeding rays and turtles in a tank surrounded by sharks.
The tunnel was probably my favourite part due to the fabulous sharks housed in the tank. We went through twice but constantly stepped off the moving walk way so we could have longer to admire the creatures. The otters were a big hit with Matthew (as they always are) and I really enjoyed holding little crabs and starfish.
We had a walk around the KlCC shopping mall, stopping for coffee lots as I hadn’t slept really at all the night before. KL is an incredibly rich city, so the shopping malls contain high end designers such as Chanel, Gucci and Prada, so it’s safe to say that when I spotted humble old H&M I was overjoyed! I could finally replace the items I had shrunk out of or ruined!
In the evening we headed up to the Sky Bar to meet my old school friend, Izzy, who I haven’t seen for six years! Safe to say she’s hardly changed at all and is still the eccentric, outspoken lady she always was. She was one of the few who really stuck by me when I was so poorly through school, and she always kept me company when other people had made new friends in my absence of school. Becoming friends with Izzy was one of the best things that came of me being so poorly, so I was so glad to see her again and learn of how successful she has been. We enjoyed ladies night free cocktails up the sky bar and the wonderful view of the Petronus tower, before heading off for a cheeky Nandos!