Bangkok: The start of a new group


As we had been to Bangkok on holiday in 2014, we had seen most of the main sites so had to look a little further afield for things to explore. The Lonely Planet guide mentioned the words ‘Chocolate Buffet’ and I was committed.

We had been given some money for our birthday before we left and hadn’t yet found anything to use it for, but this seemed like the perfect thing. After a quick phone call to ensure we could get a take we headed out for a taxi as the hotel, The Sukhothai, was on the other side of Bangkok, near where we had stayed last time we visited. It took three or four attempts to get a taxi driver willing to take us across the city on a busy Saturday afternoon, but eventually we found one. We figured afterwards that the only reason he agreed to take us was because he thought we were going to Sukhothai road, only a few blocks away, but it worked out for us anyway and we tipped him generously.

We arrived and had to go through quite extreme security measures- I found out a little later (when I was ushered out of the way of a man surrounded by body guards) that it was because a member of the Vietnamese government was in attendance. I do like to mingle with the stars after all. So after choosing our tea (I went for English breakfast for a taste of home) we got started on the savoury buffet. Amazing lamb shank sliders were up there with our favourites, and I really enjoyed the sushi and chicken goujons as well as some kind of vegetable purée with white chocolate sprinkled on top!

Then it was for the main event- dessert and the bespoke hot chocolate. All of the items on the sweet section contained chocolate, some highlights being the chocolate praline cup (the cup was made of chocolate too) and the home made chocolate truffles.

We then met Laurent, the chef who invented a special type of hand blended hot chocolate. He asked us about our taste preferences and then offered us some little droplets of solid chocolate to try before we decided the combination of flavours we would like in our personalised creation. I went for white chocolate and caramel and it was honestly one of the most luxurious and delicious things I’ve ever tried. Matthew chose something with a higher chocolate concentration and also had one of the signature chilli hot chocolate to finish which was unlike anything I had ever tried before. Matthew made friends with Laurent so we stayed for a while before taking a taxi back to meet our new group.

We met our new tour leader, Luke and some members of our new group. It’s quite a big group so dinner didn’t really suffice for getting to meet everyone. I sat next to a girl called Lizzie and opposite Nicola, who it turns out lives really near to my brother in Newcastle! What a small world!