Bangkok: A Farewell 


We arrived in Bangkok late morning following the bus. The bus wasn’t too uncomfortable but a whole night’s sleep in the seated position isn’t ideal at all. We all felt rather worse for wear on arrival so we spent much of the day resting and organising some things for our onward journey. We had buses to book and things like that we spent a while doing those things ha before heading out to Khao San Road for pad Thai on the street which sets you back less than 50p and it is such a tasty meal! We spotted the same seller we ate from two years ago when we came to Thailand on holiday!

I got a traveller’s hair braid to remind me of Thailand and had a farewell meal with the group we had been with since Hanoi. A great bunch- we really have been fortunate to meet such lovely people on our tours so far and are looking forward to seeing some of them again as we continue our travels!