Vietnam: Hanoi- Hoan Kiem Lake

The next morning lots of the group wanted to see the sights we had already visited so we took a stroll to the Pagoda on Hoan Kiem lake. It was really pretty, particularly the amazing roots of the trees which overhung onto the lake. It was another scorching day so we spent lots of time enjoying the shade and the lovely views. 

We needed to escape the heat, so we popped into a local so where I got my nails painted and my feet scrubbed. I must admit, I really needed a bit of an MOT as a month of heavy duty travelling is not at all kind to the feet. Matthew was more than willing to wait, and bagged himself a cheap foot massage while he was waiting. We spent less than £18 in the spa, and felt much more refreshed for our visit. There’s no way you’d get such a lovely pamper in England for that price! I chatted away to one of the beauticians- I love meeting new people from around the world! 


We sat by the lake in the sun after lunch, but we couldn’t last long as the heat was so suffocating. We had got a recommendation from the hotel for a place for Matthew to get a haircut, so we wandered around for a while to find it, stumbling upon St Joseph’s Cathedral while we were at it. 

Matthew tentatively sat in the Hairdresser’s chair (his least favourite activity at the best of times) but was pleasantly surprised by his £5 hair snip. He looks much tidier and seemed unexpectedly comfortable chatting to the hairdresser (also one of his least favourite activities). Matthew is secretly rather timid, so it’s great to see him chatting to new people so confidently- it was said that we would come back as different people after all!

We met the group again for dinner and a 50p Hanoi beer, and got to chat a little more than yesterday. It seems that the group is relatively unshaded by my crazy dancing which is always a relief.