Hong Kong: Kowloon and Victoria Peak

19/9We spent the morning organising our belongings, documents and laundry before heading to Kowloon on The Star Ferry with Marek. The views from the ferry were really great and it was lovely to feel a bit of a breeze from the water.  

It was extremely hot and we still weren’t feeling as strong as usual so we sat on the promenade for a while looking across at the city. It was beautiful and as I absolutely love boats I really enjoyed watching them travelling around the water, picking up passengers and speeding off into the distance. 

We had a really long sleep before meeting Verity for a trip up to Victoria peak which provides panoramic views of Hong Kong. There’s nothing like a sky line all lit up at night- it was stunning and a great place to say our farewells to Verity. I miss her very much, but it was great to get an insight into her new life in Hong Kong and experience the city she likes so much.