Chundering into a bucket with holes in…(no pictures, don’t worry)


There’s not much to be said for the next 24 hours except for food poisoning and 30 vomits in 12 hours. Even sipping water was agony. I have no idea how we go it but I absolutely don’t recall ever being so sick in my life- all 7 of us were in the same boat and it seemed like it was never going to end.
We had to have the train changed to the next morning as all too weak to take the overnight train. It was certainly not the best day in China. 

We all managed to get up for the bullet train, but we were still very weak. Carrying our backpacks was making us all feel very faint and we were still struggling to keep liquids down. Mr Liu was so kind yet again, and he had travelled four hours the night before to change our tickets and had bought burgers in the hope they would make us feel better on his way home. We had already been asleep so we hadn’t been able to take them (I’m secretly glad because the sight of food would have certainly made me hurl) but he gave them to us for the journey. We gave him a thousand thanks for his kindness before boarding the train and attempting to eat a little- it seemed we were over the worst. 
Fortunately the Dragon Trip arranged for taxis to take us from the train to the hotels as we’re all still so poorly. This was really very much appreciated and absolutely needed. 
We finally arrived at our hotel in Sheung Wan and were greeted with an amazing view of Kowloon which made feeling so poorly much more bearable.