I woke up early and feeling much more like myself before I remembered it was my birthday! I was feeling stronger and like I could take some proper food so we met the rest of the group at the Grassroots Pantry, where I was also reunited with my wonderful friend Verity who has been living in HK for a year now, and who I miss terribly.

 I had a really fancy but safe breakfast of avocado and egg on toast. I only managed half which is certainly not like me, but it was much better than any previous attempts at food. We said sad farewells to Georgia and Nic who were flying off that afternoon. 
The weather was glorious so we stopped by at Verity’s apartment (which was less than a minute from our hotel) to grab some beach supplies. We took taxi to Repulse Bay where we swam in sea, lay in sun and relaxed for the first time in some weeks. It was fantastic and certainly the first birthday I’ve ever had with whether hot enough for sun bathing! 

We went back and showered and rested as we were still not strong enough to keep going for as long as usual. When we were ready we Went to Times Square which is a massive shopping centre- it was a good choice as the air con was good and it gave me a chance to pick up a couple of items of clothing for the next leg of the journey. 

We found a Korean place called ‘Mad for Garlic’ which does exactly what it says on the tin and serves garlic related everything. I had some delicious steak with garlic butter and vegetables for my birthday dinner. I struggled to finish but it was the first meal I had really enjoyed since being poorly so it was honestly sensational! 
I couldn’t stomach cake, so I guess I’m going to claim a birthday cake related IOU when I’m feeling properly better!