Zhujiajiao Water Town 

Only us and Jen and Connie made it up for the morning meeting, so the four of us headed to the local water town which was about an hour away. The weather wasn’t really ideal- it was quite drizzly, but the water town still looked beautiful. 

We sampled what our guides called ‘Chinese pizza’ for lunch, but it wasn’t really like pizza at all. It was more like delicious pork on a crispy bread- the bread came in different varieties, so there was a thinner one which was like filo pastry with the meat sandwiches in the middle, one which was like a pie, and one which was like the first but with a thicker filling. All of them were yummy, and we even ordered seconds as we enjoyed them so much. They were a steal at £1.00 per pizza too. 

We took a boat around to the other side of the ancient water city and meandered our way through the bustling market stalls. We saw lots of really cool food shops, one in particular amazed me as I watched a lady wrapping rice parcels in bamboo using her teeth. 

I later learned that we were approaching a festival where people throw these parcels into the river to feed the fish, in the hope that the fish will eat these instead of the corpse of an old government official that had supposedly been in the river for a few hundred years.  

That evening we (minus Matthew) headed for KTV- Chinese Karaoke. We were all really up for it, but didn’t know what to expect and lots of people were feeling rubbish from the bar crawl so I thought it would be a flop. We went inside a really swanky marble building and were ushered into our own private room, complete with leather seats, twinkly lights and an old fashioned microphone- I was in my element so got everyone started with my own rendition of an Amy Winehouse number. It wasn’t long until people were fighting for the microphones and really having a blast. Genuinely, this was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had. I wish KTV was a thing in the UK!