We spent the morning trying to replenish our stocks of socks and t shirts on Nanjing Road. It was less simple than we had hopped due to the copious amounts of designer shops but we managed to find some of the essentials. We separated briefly so I could try to find something in a different shop which I sorely regretted- trying to spot Matthew in a sea of what seemed like thousands of people was really hard and rather panic worthy. I did find him in the end- part of me does wonder if he had tried to lose me, but he assures me not…..
We met back at the hostel for a walk to The People’s Square which has foot traffic of 210,000 people every day, followed by a walk to the Yu Garden which was recently visited my HM The Queen. They had forgotten the red carpets for me, but we did see the tea house where The Queen sampled some of China’s finest. 

The area was really pretty and boasted lots of traditional Chinese eateries. We both had dumplings- I went for the safe veggie option but Matthew went for one of the soup dumplings which you drink the inside of using a straw- I thought this very peculiar but he seemed to like it.

Our next stop was the View Bar atop the Hyatt hotel in the financial district- a really cool and fancy place which has a jacuzzi on the roof overlooking Shanghai. The views were lovely and you got a free drink with your entrance ticket which was a perk. 

There were rather to many of us for the jacuzzi but we had a lovely evening admiring the lights none the less. We boasted 33000 steps today- at least we are staying fit on our adventure!