Moganshan and my new pal, Jerry.

We very nearly missed stop on the overnight train as it arrived 15 minutes early and we were thoroughly unprepared. After a bit of mass hysteria and a few pots of spilt noodles, we managed to grab our belongings and travelling companions and meet our next adventure leader. 
We were located a five minute walk from everyone else as we had upgraded to a double room for the trip instead of the shared dormitory as we wanted to have some time to acclimatise to travelling. Our guest house was simple but clean and we were still able to use the facilities of the hostel the others were staying it. I spent the afternoon in the swimming pool with Jen and Georgia whilst Matt went mountain biking with Elizabeth, Ant, Marek, Connie and Jason.

They came back rather worse for wear and covered in a putrid combination of sweat and mud, but they seemed to have enjoyed their adventure despite the fact that they had gone rather off course. 

We were supposed to be swimming in a local lagoon, which was largely the reason for our visit. However the G20 and a mudslide had meant this was impossible. We were extremely disappointed as this had been the main purpose for going to the area. We managed to get some compensation from

The Dragon Trip and they put on a China themed pub quiz in the evening for us. Matt was teamed with Mike and they were the proud winners of a sensationally tacky Shanghai magnet- well worth the effort. 

In the meantime I made friends with an adorable little Chinese boy called Jerry.

Hide and Seek is not language dependent, neither is ‘let’s tickle you until you make pig noises’ so we got on like a house on fire. By the end of the evening he was cuddled into my lap telling me he loved me (one of the only Chinese phrases I had remembered) and taking selfies on my phone. Jerry’s mum said she had never seen him so happy, which was very lovely to hear. Either way, neither Matthew nor Jerry’s mum would let me keep him, so we had to say our sorry farewells and head back to our hostels.