Beijing: The Temple of Heaven and The Summer Palace 


Today we went to the Temple of Heaven, a cylindrical structure containing many of the ornate features of Chinese architecture we had become accustomed to. The Temple has been used as a backdrop for many images of power over hundreds of years. The British Army posed here, as have all of the leaders of the Chinese Government. 

We didn’t have a lot of time until our meeting for the next overnight train but we were determined that we wanted to see the Summer Palace. We raced there via metro and were not disappointed. My only disappointment was not having long enough to see all of it. 

We took a boat trip around the palace so we could see as much as possible in a short time and then took a speedy walk back to find a metro station. It was certainly not long enough but I’m glad we got to see it nonetheless. We even made it back to the hostel with 5 minutes to spare- expert time management there!