Bamboo Forest Hiking and Shanghai 

This morning we took a hike through a bamboo forest, where we had been warned that the mosquitos were cruel. Having not received a single bite so far, I decided to test out my resilience further and go without any repellent. As soon as we got there I thought I had made a terrible mistake. The smog of mosquitos was actually visible and within five minutes Georgia looked like a human pin cushion. Clearly I am not in anyway tasty, as I survived yet another mosquito infested location without a bite to be seen and Matthew was only sporting one on his arm. What a blessing! 

I think the company intentionally underplayed how challenging the hike would be knowing how tired we were from the many difficult hikes we had taken over recent days. It was nothing compared to others we had done but I don’t think our bodies have had adequate time to recover as I did really struggle at times with the humidity and exertion. Unfortunately when we got to the top the smog was low so we couldn’t see as much as we had hoped, but it was still an accomplishment. The wooden suspension bridge was also fun, as was the glass platform over the side of the mountain until we lost our expensive water bottle over the side! 
We took the bullet train to Shanghai which only took a couple of hours. The bullet trains are so efficient and clean and comfortable it really doesn’t feel like a chore to travel on them at all. 

The infamous Shanghai Pub Crawl was our activity for the evening. As I hardly drink alcohol I hadn’t really planned on going along but we got a big discount as compensation for not being able to swim in the Moganshan lagoon so we went along to join in particularly as the end of the tour was looming for those of the group that were finishing in Shanghai.
 As I had been elected the most responsible I was put as the leader of the only taxi without a Mandarin speaking leader. Why I agreed to this I have no idea, as we go dropped in the middle of no where with no one else in our group to be seen. We (aka Connie) somehow managed to find the first bar of the crawl and it turned out the others hadn’t been able to get a taxi, hence our sense of abandonment. I rather liked the bar as it was Great Gatsby themed, and I do love a good literary reference. We had a surprisingly good time and escorted those that were a little worse for wear into taxis and headed home at a reasonable hour. I don’t think I’ll ever be rock n roll, I definitely prefer tea to gin and cake to vodka shots.