Time to prepare

With six weeks to go, preparations for our adventure are well underway. Six weeks sounds like a long time, but with pre-planned holidays eating up two of those six, the clock is really ticking. The unexpected nature of this trip has meant that we are having to ‘wing it’ considerably more than we would normally, but I think that’s probably a good thing so I don’t end up over planning and worrying about it! It’s an adventure after all….

The technicalities of travelling with nothing more than a large rucksack are more complex than I realised, but on a trip to Go Outdoors last night I discovered no end of gadgets to help you on your way- we are now the proud owners of two travellers rucksacks- mine is 60L and Matthew’s is 70L (with an attachable mini rucksack for the day time). We also have some ‘dribags’ to keep damp clothes separate and protect our items should we find ourselves in a dramatic monsoon (as we did in Bangkok two years ago!) and we even have a ‘kag-in-a-bag’ each. The first aid kit was the first thing purchased of course, and I was determined we also needed a foil emergency blanket; Matthew is convinced I will regret that but I figure the regret of NOT having it if we need it would be greater than being over prepared!


Obviously I’ll be wearing some of that to travel in too, and it looks a lot in a list, but trust me, it’s not much for 8 months! I have a travel wash bottle ready as well as a sewing kit in the hope any tears can be dealt with instead of needing to buy more things!

As we are both so keen on the photography front we have invested in a new camera- something more compact than the DSLR and of course, extra batteries for the GoPro to record as much of our adventure as we can!

The route so far is:

  •  China Tour: 24th  August- 17th September
  • Hong Kong: 17th September-20th September
  •  South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Northern Thailand): 20th September-24th October
  • Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur: 24th October-27th October
  • Malaysia-Cameron Highlands: 27th October-29th October
  • Malaysia-Penang Mainland: 29th October- 31st October
  • Penang Island: 31 October- 2nd November
  • Philippines:2nd November-18th November
  • Australia- Cairns to Sydney: 18th November-18th December
  • Australia-Sydney: 18th December- 21st December
  • Australia-Bondi: 21st December-23rd December
  • Australia-Melbourne: 23rd December- 26th December
  • New Zealand-Aukland: to Christchurch 27th December-21st January
  • Fiji: 21st January-31st January
  • LA:31st January(crossing date line)
  • Miami/Florida Keys: 1st February-5th February
  • Costa Rica: 5th February- 14th February
  • Chicago to New York City: 14th February- 6th March
  • South Africa: 8th March-21st March
  • Zambia: 22nd March-6th April


We are currently booked up to Fiji with some fine tuning needed for Oz/NZ/Fiji, and then we are working on the next block. Charlotte (Brady) has been absolutely incredible in helping us put everything together, and we couldn’t have done it without her relentless (in a good way) guidance and support. She’s put hours into getting this perfect for us, and we are so blessed to have had her working with us on it- thank you, Brady.


That’s all for now- next time I post we will probably be on our way!